Privacy Policy

Security Federal Savings Bank


Protecting the Privacy of Our Customers

Welcome to our website. Security Federal Savings Bank understands that our customers are concerned about their personal information. Because of this, our customers’ privacy has always been, and always will be, one of our most important concerns. We subscribe fully to this statement of Privacy Principles and we strive to protect our customers’ information according to, not only federal and state laws, but even more importantly, according to our own strict standards.
Technology and new marketing practices have increased the amount of customer information collected and shared in today’s marketplace. We are sensitive to the importance of these concerns. We want to serve you as effectively and conveniently as possible and such service involves making use of technology and customer information. But we also want you to be confident that your relationship with us is treated with the appropriate confidentiality. We therefore commit to you that we will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of any information shared with us.

Privacy and the Internet

We understand that customers may have special privacy concerns regarding the Bank’s use of the Internet. In particular, customers might be anxious to ensure that their information is secure. Security Federal Savings Bank is equally concerned about privacy in the Internet world and is committed to its protection.
Security Federal Savings Bank is committed to protecting user privacy and our website is maintained consistently with banking industry privacy principles. You can be assured that you can visit our website without identifying yourself or giving us any information that identifies you personally unless you specifically choose to provide such information to us. Our website does not collect personal identifying information about site users, except for information knowingly provided by the user who posts electronic mail (e-mail) messages or inquiries (Since general e-mail is not encrypted, we recommend that you do not send confidential information, such as social security or account numbers, via un-encrypted e-mail message(s).). Any on-line banking transaction or application features that we add to our website will employ encryption: in other words, the transmission will be scrambled en route and decoded when it reaches Security Federal Savings Bank.
Concerning on-line banking, we want you to know about ‘cookies’ and why we may use them. A ‘cookie’ is information sent from a web server to a visitor’s computer while he or she is visiting a site. It may enable the server to track how a visitor navigates through its site and the areas of interest. This is similar to a traffic report: it tracks and behaviors, but does not identify individuals. Computer viruses cannot be transmitted through cookies. Security Federal Savings Bank may use cookies to evaluate our website, enhance customer convenience, or to track activity at the website for marketing or responding to customer needs. If the use of cookies is a concern to you, your browser will likely permit you to refuse cookies by providing an alert at that time to refuse that cookie. Newer browser versions allow you to be alerted or to automatically refuse cookies. If certain future services via the website require cookies for effective delivery, customers will be warned that they will need to allow cookies if they wish to receive the service; the choice will be the customer’s. If the customer does allow cookies, the Bank will, at all times, treat the information supplied through those cookies with the same security and privacy as any other customer information we receive.
Also, our website is directed at customers and potential customers that are adults. However, children may access our website and provide information in ways previously explained in this policy statement. They may request information concerning certain products or services. Should children access our website, we are confident that parents will not judge any of the information provided as objectionable for viewing by their children. Parents can avail themselves of various software packages that are available to prevent their children from accessing websites that they deem inappropriate.
Lastly, we may provide external links to websites that contain information on topics that may be useful to users of our website. Although we may provide these external links as a benefit to our customers, it does not mean that we endorse the use or content of these websites. We recommend that you always review the privacy policies of any website entity of which you intend to conduct business.
If you have any questions about our Privacy Principles you may call us at 931-473-4483 or write to us at Security Federal Savings Bank, P.O. Box 7027, McMinnville, TN 37111.