Get Ready to Dip

Soon, Security Federal will be introducing EMV debit cards. The card adds improved security and fraud protection with an embedded computer chip. This technology is already securing payment cards in more than 80 countries and is now being adopted as the card standard in the U.S.

001credit_cardMerchants are installing new payment terminals that support the new chip cards. When making a purchase with your chip card in a new terminal, you will insert or “dip” your card into the terminal slot and briefly hold it there until the card is verified with Security Federal.

You still may be required to enter your card’s PIN or sign for transactions. Your card will also work on old-style payment terminals that don’t use the new technology.

When you receive your new chip card, please activate it immediately, and destroy your old card. Your new card will have the same account number, however the expiration date and Card Verification Value (CVV) security code will be different. Please update all recurring card payments with the new expiration date and CVV code.

To learn more about your new smart card please click here or on the card picture above for a short informational video.

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