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Halloween Costume Contest

photos by Tracie Travis

Personal Shredder

Edward Scissorhands (Kristin Payne) headed to the bookkeeping vault to take care of some old documents


Minnie Mouse (Noemi Guzman) on Teller Row.

Lucas Land

Darth Maul (Amanda Clayton), Princess Leia (Jazmin Miller) and Yoda (Kayla Hale) take a break from fighting over the galaxy.


Cyndi Cantrell, Sandra VanHooser, Jewell Walker, and Janet Phillips showing off the diet and exercise results.

You might be...

Waynyrd Skynyrd (Wayne Martin), redneck extraordinaire .

Halloween Shirts

We had a few folks all dolled up in festive holiday gear.

Amy Myers

Lindsay Thompson

Sharon Quinn and Kari Marcum

Lisa Hillis and LeAnne Cartwright


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