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Security Federal's

Christmas Parade Float

photos by Chassidy Baker, Jazmin Miller, Adeline Travis, and Tracie Travis

Lisa Hillis and Adeline Travis strike a public relations shot.

Jazmin Miller wrapping up the front wall.

Sabrina McKnight, probably just goofing off.

Brent Travis definitely goofing off.

Adeline, Wayne (Waynerd) Martin, and Brent still goofing off.

Adeline and Waynerd goofing off even more.  Is there anybody working around here?

Ah, there's Lois Cates doing something productive.

Jazmin was finally able to make Sabrina do...something.  About time.

Meredith Woodlee, Chassidy Baker, Sabrina, and Reannine McKnight in a design meeting. Now there's some good workers!

Charlie Brown (Waynerd) and his infamous choice of trees.

Sabrina, Chassidy, and Lois in another design meeting.

Reannine consults the technical manual.

Teresa Hennessee stopped by to provide some needed supervision.

Jacob and Andrew Miller ready to get this production on the road.

Jazmin and Chassidy moving out.

The finished product.

Erica, Brad, and Cyndi Cantrell. Brad is headed for Iraq with the 278th.  We wish him well and will miss him while he's gone.  Hurry home, Brad.

Daniel (Tracie Travis) and Adeline try to keep warm.

There's Sabrina...goofing off again!

Ah, hearth and home.  Security Federal's proud to display our veterans, Kelly Basham, Wayne Martin, and Ken Martin

That says it all...MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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