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Halloween Costume Contest

photos by Kelly Basham and Kristin Payne

Ah, I Get It

They have black around one eye and a "P" on their shirts...must be the Black Eyed Peas.  (from left to right) Teller Peas Kayla Mullican, Victor Gomez, Kayla York, Jamie Womack, and Candice Hill

Pea Kayla Mullican.

Pea Kayla York.

Pea Victor Gomez.

Pea Candice Hill.

Goth Anyone?

Goth chicks Kristin Payne, Jamie Womack, and Lindsay Thompson


Security Federal Cheerleaders Amy Myers, Kim Chisam, and Teresa Hennessee.

Is there A Doctor In The House?

Scrub Nurse Pam Turner checks Surgical Internist Nathan Turner before surgery.


Walt would be proud. From left, Heather Melton, Jessica Ford, Amanda Clayton, Katie Bradbury, Jazmin Miller, Chassidy Baker, Meredith Woodlee, and Tracie Travis.

The Cheshire Cat (Amanda Clayton) about to disappear.

HRH Princess Jasmine (Jazmin Miller)...should have seen that coming.

HRM The Queen Of Hearts (Katie Bradbury) rendering the infamous "Off with her head" sentence.

Tinker Bell (Jessica Ford) controls Pinocchio (Chassidy Baker).

What would Disney be without the tourists (Meredith Woodlee and Tracie Travis)?

Witches Brew

Hey, nice socks, ladies (Janet Philips, Sandra VanHooser, Cyndi Cantrell, and Jewell Walker).


Our new Manchester Highway branch, how cute (Kari Davis, Sharon Quinn, Noemi Guzman, and Tanarra Grissom).

Team Edward

Alice Cullen (LeAnn Cartwright) foresees some werewolf trouble in the immediate future.

The Next Food Network Star

Guy Fieri (Wayne Martin) shows his hair styling secrets.


Jamie Womack and Danny Martin enjoying the spirit of Halloween.


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