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Christmas Parade Float

photos by Adeline Travis, Brent Travis, Tracie Travis, and Rebecca Cripps

Chassidy Baker (left) and Amanda Clayton hard at work.

Rachel Ann Grissom (left) and Adeline Travis inspect the Candy House.

Greg Norris (left), Amanda Clayton and Tanarra Grissom (right) building dreams.

And here we have a...Meredith (Woodlee)-In-The-Box.

Alexis Rhea and Amanda Clayton showing off some handy work.

Tracie Travis taking a well deserved break.

Rachel Ann and Adeline helping to...okay, not really sure what they're doing.

The front half.

The back half.

How about them hub caps, eh?

Tanarra and Amanda giving each other helping hands.

Tori Woodlee in just the right place...between the candy canes and the pizza.

Janet Phillips (left) and Chassidy making signs for the sides.

Who said money doesn't grow on trees?

Three minutes to step off!?  You're kidding, right?

Elves, Inc. (Rachel Ann, Adeline, Tyla Woodlee, and Alexis).

Looks like everyone's ready.

Tyla Woodlee...professional Elf-In-The-Box.

Tracie and Adeline Travis as pretty as a picture.

Places, everyone.  Places!

Rachel Ann already moved in.

Katie and Janet Phillips striking a cute pose.

Ah, ain't that just the sweetest thing?

Cutie-pie Santa-ettes Chassidy and Cambria Baker.

Looks like somebody snuck into the candy house.

"Mom, there's a boy in here.  Says his name is Jack."


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