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Halloween Costume Contest

photos by Kelly Basham

Middle Earth

Caught between Heaven and...well, you know...the Loan Servicing Department can be a blessing or a curse.

Lindsay Thompson ordains some paperwork.

Beth Eller stands guard outside the gates of...well, you keep all manner of minions, imps, and demons within...well, you know.

Satan's Bride (Ashley Pinegar) tortures one of our delinquent customers.

And you thought your boss was tough...Cyndi Cantrell as the Evil One.

Talkin' 'bout My Generation

Dude!!!  Tellers Rock!!!

Talk about your bad hair days...Sabrina McKnight, radical rocker.

Greg Norris is ready to storm the stage.

Kayla Mullican's looking to sneak back stage.

Shannon (Bud) Wiser is ready to rock.

Inside The Mirror

Tweedle Dee (Sandra VanHooser) and Tweedle Dum (Nita Baggett) on their way to the tea party.

Yee Haw

All the cow pokes gather around the corral.

Sheriff Tracie Travis patrols teller row.

Deputy Sheriff Kari Davis riddin' shotgun.

Meredith Woodlee ready to rope some doogies.

Tanarra Grissom cleaning out the barn.

Cow poke (Karen Howard) lady style.

Kayla Boyd wrangles up some strays.

Chassidy Baker takes a break before a hard day's ride.

How Sweet

Teresa Hennessee, Kim Chisam, and Amy Myers...more cute than scary.


Captain...Morgan (Janet Phillips)?


The Pony Express (Nathan and Pam Turner) drops off a package.


Abbey Brown after all the excitement.


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