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Halloween Costume Contest

photos by Darryl Bouldin, Kelly Basham, Amanda Clayton, Sabrina McKnight, and Tracie Travis

The Beat Goes On...

Paul Stanley (Sherry Clendenon (on right)) of the rock band KISS jams a power cord with his mother, Mrs. Stanley (Kate Warrington (on left)) while just one of many  groupies (Lindsay Thompson (in center)) gets ready for mosh pit diving.

Scurvy Dogs

Shiver me timbers, it be tha crew of the N.S.H. Branch...Arrrrr...

Cap'n Tracie Travis (left) cohorts and conspires with that land lubber tha Wicked Witch of West Main Street (Sabrina McNight)...Arrrrr...

Quartermaster Lisa Mason swabin' tha poop deck outside the Enlisted Mess...Arrrrr...

Master-At-Arms Ashley Pinegar stands mid-watch outside tha Capn's quarters...Arrrrr...

2nd Mate Meredith Woodlee holds fast afore tha mizzen mast...Arrrrr...

Boatswain's Mate Kylie Vincion lolly-gagging about tha Drive-Thru deck...Arrrrr...

Purser Marsha Ferrell makes ready a boardin' party...Arrrrr...

Gunners Mate Amanda Clayton awaits her firin' orders at tha cannon gates...Arrrrr...

Tha 2nd and tha Purser gardin' tha booty...Arrrrr...

Thar be me hardy lassies after a big night a pillagin'...Arrrrr...

...and, of course, World Peace

Welcome to the 1st Annual Trust and Operations Mis-hap Pageant!!!  (from left to right) ...And now, your host, Bert Parks (Kelly Basham), Mis-appropriate (LeAnn Cartwright), Mis-fit (Wendy Kell), Mis-Guided (Kayla Hale (background)), Mis-read (Sandra VanHooser (foreground)), Mis-treat (Regina Kirby), Celebrity Judge Ed McSmith (Ken Smith), Mis-count (Angela Brown), Celebrity Judge Elvis Presley (Wayne Martin), Mis-informed (Sue Grissom), Mis-trust (Shannon Haston), Mis-take (Nita Baggett), Mr. Congeniality (Darryl Bouldin), and Mis-placed (Lois Cates).  Not pictured:  Mis-fortune (Pam Turner)

Mis-appropriate (LeAnn Carwright)...She might look appropriate, but you better keep an eye on your money.

Mis-fit (Wendy Kell)...She wasn't sure whether to dress for a pageant, a ballet, or an aerobics class.

Mis-guided (Kayla Hale)...She was let out of the vault for the pageant.

Mis-read (Sandra VanHooser)...What is black and white and "red" all over?

Mis-treat (Regina Kirby)..."Give me something good to eat!"

Ed McSmith (Ken Smith)...Prize will be hand-delivered by our "Mishap Prize Patrol".

Mis-count (Angela Brown)...If she doesn't win, she might demand a recount.

Fat Elvis II (Wayne Martin)..."Taking Care of Business"...Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Mis-informed (Sue Grissom)...She thought the memo said the pageant was tomorrow.

Mis-trust (Shannon Haston)...To trust or not to trust - that is the question.

Mis-take (Nita Baggett)...Your guess is as good as mine.

Mis-placed (Lois Cates)...The pageant will begin after her dog is found.

Mis-fortune (Pam Turner)...The poor widow lost her husband, but found all of his money.

The contestants and judges prepare to get started.

Some of the contestants are caught flirting with one of the judges backstage.

Mis-count (Angela Brown) and Mis-appropriate (LeAnn Cartwright) in the dressing room before show time.

Mis-Take (Nita Baggett) and Mis-read (Sandra VanHooser) get chummy before the pageant.

Mis-trust (Shannon Haston) and Mis-fortune (Pam Turner) in the same place at the same time...this can't turn out to be good.

Mis-placed puppy has been found...the pageant may begin

House of the Six Ghouls

Velcome to our house...please come in and share some...blood

Victor Gomez looking awful ragged after a full night of grave robbing

Jessica Hawkins is just happy to be undead.

Haleigh Hassell in the coven...believe it or not, this was her first day at Security Federal.

Shannon Wiser is ready to take your...body parts

Countess Dracula (Ginger McCormick) appears to be a bit...hungry.

The Wicked Witch of West Main Street (Sabrina McKnight)

Apprentice Witch Haleigh Hassell learns from the Coven Master (Sabrina McKnight).

Wow, dessert! Now we need a body for the main course...

...Yeah, there's one.

"...You're sure it's them?...And her little dog too?...Okay, here's my plan.  You and the boys fly 'em up here to the castle..."

Brain Trust

Everett (Teresa Hennessee), Delmer (Amy Myers), and Pete (Kim Chisam), more popularly known as The Soggy Bottom Boys, after their standing-room-only concert with the Governor, Pappy O'Daniel.


Mrs. Frankenstein in search of her husband.

Yer Out!

The Great Pumpkin (Tabitha Moore) gets an autograph from Pete Rose (Cyndi Cantrell).


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