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Halloween Costume contest

Visually Challenged Rodents

Amy Myers, Teresa Hennesse, and Kristen Kell fumbled their way to work this morning.

Jail Birds

(from left) Sheriff Sabrina McKnight prepares to abuse her prisoners Victor "Teller Daddy" Gomez, Amanda "Baby Face" Clayton, Shannon "Bugsy" Rawson, and (kneeling) Sharlee "Machine Gun" Morrison.  The big house nurse, Sharon Quinn stands by while Officer Kim Chisam is ready to to help beat the inmates.

Surgeons Gone Wild

Anesthesiologist Wendy Kell and Surgical Technician LeAnn Cartwright (behind the sign) assist "Mad Doc" (Wayne) Martin perform a brain transplant on hapless victim Kelly Basham.  Laboratory Technician Angela Brown awaits the specimen for testing.

The Wonderful Branch Of Oz

The yellow brick road crew.

Dorothy (Lisa Mason) and Toto are all set for a night out on the Emerald City

Auntie Em (Kay Pedigo) and Uncle Henry (Marsha Ferrell) hang out in Kansas.

Glenda, The Good Witch of the North (Ashley Pinegar), walks the star studded red carpet as she arrives in Munchkinland.

The Scarecrow (Ginger McCormick) is happy to be anywhere other than hanging out on that blasted pole.

The Tin Woodsman (Tracie Travis) stands ready to take on the flying monkeys

The Cowardly Lion (Kari Davis) cowers in her office.

This has to be the cutest Wicked Witch of the West (Meredith Woodlee) ever.


Dr. Kate Warrington, OB/GYN tries to determine the species of Sherry Clendenon's baby.


A not-so-evil queen (Sandra VanHooser) makes copies.

Tea Time

Mrs. Potts (Jennifer Sain) stopped by for refreshments.

Desk Duty

"Security Federal Coven.  Whitchy-poo (Pam Stern) speaking, may I help you?"

The Purple One

Prince (Lisa Hillis) appears in concert at a local downtown restaurant.


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