Mobile Banking


To enable SFSB Mobile Text Banking

To utilize SFSB Mobile Text Banking your account(s) must first be active for Internet Banking (requires registration and setup at one of our convenient locations).

          Log into Security Federal Savings Bank's Internet Banking.
          At the top of the page, click Options then, in the Menu Bar, click Mobile Settings and then the Text Mobile Settings tab.  Place a checkmark in the box by Enable text access for your mobile device.
          Place a checkmark in the Accept Security Federal Savings Bank Text Banking Terms & Conditions (required).  You may review the Security Federal Savings Bank Mobile Text Banking Terms & Conditions by clicking here.
          Enter your mobile telephone number (required).
          Select your wireless provider from the drop-down menu (required).
          Select the account(s) you wish to access via text and create a Mobile Short Name for each selected account.  Click the Submit button.
          Click the Confirm button.
          You will receive a text message stating you must reply YES to activate the Mobile Text Banking service.
          You will then receive a text message confirming your enrollment is complete.

Valid SMS Messages

Security Federal's Mobile Text Banking number is 89549.  By sending a valid request (see below) to 89549, you will receive a text response.

NOTE:  Text message signatures are NOT compatible with Mobile Text Banking.

          Help - Returns command references.
          Bal - Returns the balance for all enrolled accounts.
          Bal <account short name> - Returns the balance for the specified account.
          Hist - Returns the last four transactions on all enrolled accounts.
          Hist <account short name> - Returns the last four transactions for the specified account.
          Stop - Disables enrollment in Mobile Text Banking.

Messages are NOT case sensitive.

Messaging and data rates may apply and will appear on your cell phone bill.

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