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    Because most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, NetScape, etc) have a feature that saves the end user time by "remembering" addresses and other webpage settings, a change to a website may go unnoticed by your browser.  Some of our customers are unable to get to the new Internet Banking web site because the browsing history has not cleared.  Although clicking the Refresh button may be of assistance on some browsers, that will not be enough on others.  If you need help clearing or resetting your browsing history and cookies, please consult the instructions from your browser's manufacturer.

Internet Banking Information

    On Monday February 11th, your current Access ID will convert to your Internet Banking ID on the new Internet Banking system.  Your initial password will be the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.  You will be prompted to change the password to a password of your choice.  You will still be required to change your password every 90 days.  You will also need to choose new answers to security questions, security image/picture, etc.

Bill Pay Information

    The bank will be changing our current bill pay provider from (CheckFree) to a new bill pay provider (iPay) on Monday February 11, 2013.  On the 11th, please follow the Internet Banking login information above then proceed to login to the new Bill Payment System to review the conversion of your payee information. Please be prepared to make any payments manually, if necessary.

Further Information

    Please refer to our News and Announcements page for more details.

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