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Additional Bill Pay Information

    Below is an extract of the e-mail sent to all Bill Pay customers on 22 January 2013:


Thank YOU for banking electronically with Security Federal! Please be patient with us as we upgrade to new banking software systems on the week-end of February 8 11, 2013.

The bank will be changing our current bill pay provider from (CheckFree) to a new bill pay provider (iPay) on Monday February 11, 2013. NOTE: We are also changing to a new internet banking system, and information on that is listed at the bottom of this email.  

Bill Pay

Your payees as of February 5, 2013 will be converted to our new bill payment system, but you should verify that all of your payees converted successfully on the iPay system. 

On Monday February 11th you can follow the procedure to log-in for the first time on our new Netteller Internet Banking System, and then log-in to our new iPay bill payment system to review the conversion of your payees and be prepared to make any manual payments if necessary.

Here is a Timing chart with a little information on the Bill pay change:

         Check Free Bill Pay access/icon is removed (from internet banking) after 5:00 p.m. on February 5, 2013


         On February 5, 2013 (after 5:00 p.m.)  Any previously scheduled payments will continue to process until all payments with a Payment Date of February 11, 2013 or earlier have been processed. 


         On February 5, 2013 after 5:00 p.m.  Any Payments scheduled with a Payment Date of February 12, 2013 or greater will be cancelled from the old CheckFree System.   (NOTE: But your payee information for any cancelled payments will be converted to the new iPay system as one of your Payees).  You should log into the new bill pay (iPay) system to verify the accuracy of your bill payments from February 12th forward. 


On MONDAY February 11, 2013 the BANK will receive a REPORT  listing any payments that were cancelled /not processed by CheckFree that had  a Payment Date of February 12, 2013 or greater

Wayne Martin

Chief Operations Officer
Security Federal Savings Bank

Member FDIC


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